(Grades 6-12)

Youth America Local

At Church of the Harvest, we love the next generation and are committed to leading them in staying faithful to church during their middle and high school years. We have several opportunities to plug our students into our church, for example:

Youth America Local Services

Our students meet every Wednesday at 6 PM on our OKC Campus for our weekly youth service. This is a time to hear the word, deepen their relationship with Jesus, connect with friends from other schools, meet up with leaders, and get more involved in the local church.

Big Groups

After Wednesday night services, our students participate in Big Groups. This is an environment where more intimate conversations with their church family can happen.

Our Focus

There are 5 needs of a teenager that we focus on at Youth America Local:

Feeling Valued

Young people have a powerful voice in the world and we want them to know that their opinions, story, and words are valued and that they are believed in. This is why we hold weekly Big Groups supplying them with 2 to 3 leaders in their life who will be a consistent voice of encouragement and wisdom for them but also being a non-judgmental open ear as well.

God-Given Friendships

We believe that some of the most life-giving and long-lasting friendships are those that are created in the church. In the students’ Big Group we believe that they will create divine friendships that will be positive for their lives and who will hold each other up and remind each other of their God-given purpose.

An Ownership of the Great Commission

The purpose of the church is much greater than just simply attending church. We believe that we are to own the responsibility Jesus has given to see our friends, family and beyond come into a relationship with God and begin to own the Great Commission themselves. We help accomplish this each week by leading the students to invite and bring their friends to their Big Group and weekly services.

A Personal Relationship with Jesus

Having a personal relationship with Jesus is the backbone of the life of any Christian. We believe that as young people grab hold of this at a young age and seeing what this relationship with Jesus truly looks like, they will be set beyond their years, as they get older. We help accomplish this each week in small groups through devotions, group studies and much more.

Being part of a Movement Worth Living For

Young people are constantly searching for something bigger than themselves to be part of and we want to show them that the cause of the local church is that greatest movement. We help to make this a reality when we bring all of our students together weekly for our Youth America Local Night. Participating in this night gives them an opportunity to see the vastness of the impact the local church is making all over Oklahoma.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about getting your student signed up for a Big Group in your area or attending a Youth America Local Night, please feel free to contact us and someone from our team will connect with you!

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