(0-11 years)

Youth America Kids

Youth America Kids is about bringing the truth of God's Word into the hearts and minds of kids in a fun and understandable way. You can expect your kids to grow spiritually and have fun in the process. We value every moment we get to share Biblical truths, ignite imaginations and help create great friendships, no matter what age.


YA Kids is a place where children are protected and cared for by loving volunteers who are trained to create environments and experiences where parents can freely and confidently leave children; a place where children feel happy to participate in all program activities with other children and leaders. Only pre-authorized, background-checked volunteers and family members that are accompanying a child are allowed into the YA Kids area.

Monthly Curriculums

Central to our method of teaching children about the truth and love of God is that children play to learn. Our hope is that everything we do in YA Kids is safe, fun and Jesus-centered!

Early Childhood | 3 Basic Truths

God made me.

God loves me.

Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Elementary | 3 Basic Truths

The Word is my light: I can make the right choice.

God is my friend: I can trust Him no matter what.

Jesus loves me: I can love others the way He has loved me.

Registration / Dismissal


YA Kids check-in opens 30 minutes prior to every church service. This is the place to register a new family and receive weekly tags for the parents, children and diaper bags if needed.


Parents meet a YA Kids team member at the doorway of each classroom to drop off their children. Early Childhood drop-off always includes a paper sign-in roster at the door for safety. (Please ensure your mobile phone is set to vibrate when attending main service. This will enable us to contact you should the need arise)

Dismissal Procedure

Please pick up your children personally and promptly after the service with their matching parent tag. Don’t forget to pick up your monthly parent cue card as you leave.

Text Message/Pager System

This system is designed to enable teachers to reach parents in the event that their child has a specific need. Please set your phone to vibrate while in service as we will attempt to reach you via text message. A YAKids leader will meet you to discuss your child’s need.


Early Childhood | 0-24 Month Class

Consists of playtime, sing-alongs, prayers and diapering.

(Please bring diapers, extra change of clothes and a comfort item to use if needed ie: paci, blanket, etc.)

Early Childhood | 2-3 Year Old Class

Consists of activity time, sing-alongs, Bible story, crafts and potty or diapering time.

(Please bring child with diapers and extra change of clothes if needed)

Early Childhood | 4-6 Year Old Class

Consists of activity time, sing-alongs, Bible story, crafts and small group time.

(We leave it up to the parent(s) to decide when their child is ready to move up to Elementary during their Kindergarten year of school)

Elementary Classroom | Kindergarten to 5th Grade Class

Consists of social time, worship, Bible story and small group time.

(Please have children bring a Bible to church)

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Kids Director