Freedom Ministry

Freedom Ministry

Harvest Freedom Ministry is focused on understanding the truth about what God’s word says about each of us.  Since we were born, the enemy has done his best to lie to us about who God says we are. Among others on his list, he brings confusion, anxiety, guilt and shame to our door step. Many of these are not our own fault or intentionally let in.

However, the question is; do we recognize these lies when they come knocking at our door? Instead, we learn to ask what God says about these things. As the Holy Spirit directs this process, we learn about God’s plan for us, as well as how we can connect to that plan.

Harvest Freedom Ministry offers insightful and revelational teachings which produce life transformations. The Holy Spirit will bring healing to your past, regardless of what you may have been through.  All sorts of topics are covered such as identity, behavior, inner healing, addictions, strongholds, trauma, etc.  Don’t continue to be held in wrong thought patterns or self damaging behavior anymore. Check out Harvest Freedom now!

Harvest Freedom Ministry offers small groups as well as several special Saturday events throughout the year.  Everyone ages 14 and up are welcome to attend!

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