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Church of the Harvest is all about JESUS! Every service, song, message, prayer, ministry and community impact is focused on revealing Jesus to you. Our heart is to help you see Jesus in a new, exciting, relevant and accepting way.

Church of the Harvest is "one church with multiple locations". Here you will find friendly people who love God and love people. Services for you and your kids are designed to help you experience God like never before. Here's what you can expect when you attend a Harvest service.

  • Sunday morning services typically 75 minutes long
  • Spirit-filled atmosphere where God's Presence is sensed
  • Committed to become one of the world's great worshipping churches
  • Passion to reach the next generation of kids & students
  • Relevant, inspiring messages anchored in God's truth
  • Encounter Night is noted as one of OKC's Top Night Spots energy-charged atmosphere, with passionate worship the entire night & an extended time of hanging out after service.

Learn more about our Vision & Values and Our Pastors.  

If you would also like to discover more in depth who we are as a church and what we believe about our purpose, please attend our Growth Track sessions that happen every week at each campus. Please click here to find out more information on this. 


For your convenience, every main adult service includes services that run simultaneously for children. Youth America Kids Preschool (Ages 0-6) is an early childhood development approach that is spiritually educational and highly entertaining. Youth America Kids Elementary (Ages 7-11) is a learning environment full of fast-paced fun that is spiritual and kid-friendly. 6.7 (6th grade-7th grade) is a small group we offer for students transitioning between kids ministry on Sunday's to adult ministry. They attend worship in the adult service and then have a small group during the message portion.