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Easter at Harvest

Easter at Harvest

Sunday, April 21, 2019 - Sunday, April 28, 2019

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We are doing something the week following Easter Sunday that we are calling, "8 Days". This will be an eight-day celebration beginning on Easter Sunday and continuing the week following through the Sunday after Easter. Why 8 days? There is much significance to this number. In Biblical numerology, the number eight means "new beginnings, a new order or creation", and a man's true 'born again' event when he is resurrected from the dead into eternal life. We are celebrating the new life that we have in Jesus, and why notkeep the celebration going all week long following Easter?!

Here is specifically how we are celebrating for 8 days following Easter Sunday and we are inviting everyone to be a part of the festivities! Each day has a unique way that we will be celebrating.

Easter Sunday - Day of Resurrection. This will be a beautiful worship service to launch us into our celebration. All are welcome to celebrate with us!

Monday - Day of Forgiveness. Unforgiveness holds us captive and hinders us from living the full life that God has for us. Who do you need to forgive? Where do you need to make amends? What have you been avoiding? This day will be THE DAY to prayerfully LET GO and discover the peace that forgiveness brings.

Tuesday - Day of Generosity. In the same way that Christ has been incredibly generous to us, we want to be generous people! Today will be the day to PRACTICE generosity in a very tangible way. On this day, pay for someone's meal or buy a coffee or some other creative way that you would like to show generosity to the people around you. 

Wednesday - Day of Feasting. Yes, you heard that right! We are having a celebratory dinner feast at each campus on this day. It will be potluck-style and we will have fun activities for the whole family. All are welcome!

To sign up to bring something to the table, use the following links:

Click for OKC

Click for Edmond

Thursday - Day of Revived Relationships. What relationships in your life have been collecting dust? This is the day to pick up the phone and call a relative you have disconnected with, to text a friend that you have neglected, or anything that you need to do to be an initiator in the rekindling of a relationship.   

Friday - Day of Fun. This might sound a little wild, but we are wildly celebrating the resurrection of Jesus this year! We are encouraging everyone to take this day off day of work to celebrate with family and friends. Or, maybe you can only take a half day, but the point is to take some REAL time off to celebrate in a way that is rejuvenating for you.

Saturday - Day of Serving. We are the hands and feet of Jesus in our community! On this day, our church will be hosting an outreach where we will all meet together on each of our campuses to rally and then we will all go out to serve our city in specific ways. 

Sunday - Day of New Life. In all of our Sunday service times, we will be celebrating the new life that we have in Jesus Christ because of his death and resurrection. We will also have baptism on this day! We will celebrate with every person that would like to make a public declaration of their commitment to Christ through water baptism. All are welcome to celebrate with us!