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  • Phone: (405) 478-7373
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  • Address: Specific to campus (Please see Locations)
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 20000 Oklahoma City, OK 73156

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Vision & Values


Revealing Jesus. Building generations. Influencing humanity.


VALUES (The Harvest Code) 

  • We Embrace the Church as God's Ultimate Cause in the Earth.
    - With every ounce of our being, we rally people to devote & plant their lives in the House of God.
  • We Dream Big, Believe Big, and Reach Big.
    - We refuse to settle. Each of us has a powerful, God-given destiny to fulfill.
  • We Are Others-Focused.
    - We exist to reach, accept and serve people in our communities and across the world with the message of Jesus and His grace.
  • We Commit to Be One of the World's Great Worshipping Churches.
    - We believe that one moment in the presence of God can do more than a lifetime of labor.
  • We Seek & Develop the Leadership Potential in People.
    - Every person is a gift from God and we take our responsibility to steward God's gifts seriously.
  • We Are Extravagantly Generous.
    - Giving the first and best of our time, talent and treasure to the House of God is a mandate.
  • We Unashamedly Reach for the Next Generation.
    - Redefining the church to the next generation demands that we reach and involve young people.
  • We Go to Extremes to Be Excellent.
    - There are no casual efforts in every role we serve or task we do for our God.
  • We Make Room for the God-Factor.
    - The Holy Spirit, through His leadership, power and favor, is monumental to our success.
  • We Stand Shoulder to Shoulder Encouraging and Supporting One Another.
    - Believing, loving and caring for people builds relationships of unity and strength.
  • We Purposefully Bring Our Families Alongside.
    - God uses families and generations, not merely individuals, to do His greatest work in the earth.
  • We Do All For the Glory of God.
    - Nothing we do is for personal fame, glory or selfish ambition.